January 22, 2013

Most Un"Reliable" IPTV: Review on Reliable IPTV

I purchased internet TV and Phone services with Reliable IPTV in September. The sales representative claimed good service even better than the current phone service I had with Vonage. I paid for 6 months service for TV and Phone. From day one the service has been below par, the TV service is choppy with inconsistent video and audio freezes. The phone service was even worse, calls could not be made and received regulalry and when made the quality of the call was very poor such taht the other person hung up due to the noise. I called the company for fixing the service multiple times, each time I got some lame excuse that some servers are not working well, so they were switching me to a better server and made me reinstall the firmware on the box a couple of times. Inspite of having a new born baby at home I made efforts to call them multiple times to fix the TV and phone issues. I regularly make calls to India to talk to my family so I could not take it any more and asked them to disconnect the phone service but they mentioned that they were going to fix it but could not so I had to go back to Vonage for phone service. I was told that i could not get a refund as I had paid for 6 months of service. This i felt was unfair as they were not able to provide the service that was promised, so after multiple calls to customer service and many hours on the phone I got them to agree to extend my TV service to 9 months instead of 6 months. I settled for it as i we had family from India and had a new born at home and the alternate was to lose the money I paid. I was hoping that the TV service would be better due to my complaints, but my concerns seem to fall on deaf ears as I keep getting same issues of choppy video and audio with some days of total blackout where I could not even watch TV. Each time I called they came back with the same sequence of events "Check internet speed & Ping rate", update firmware and finally "change servers". Inspite of promising to call back to follow up on quality I never received a call back. The service is still choppy and cannot be watched for more than a few minutes without refreshing or restarting the device.

I have registered a complaint with Better Business Bureau  (BBB). But the business is very arrogant and does not even want to respond to my complaint. I just received an email from BBB that due to lack of proper response from Reliable IPTV they are classifying my complaint as "Unresolved".

My suggestion to anyone that is considering this service... think hard before your commit to them. You definitely will be in for surprise as this is the most UNRELIABLE TV.