January 26, 2004

Snow Day.....!!!!!!!!

Today the university will be closed from 1 PM due to snow and the incoming snow storm....thats a nice break as I have class in the evening. This is a very rare thing to happen at Akron....it happens at the most once a year when we have tons of snow and tons more coming....the first time it happened during my time in akron was the first day i took my car to school!!!!.....boooooooo.....I was very very disappointed as it was the first time I got a parking permit and I owned my first car and with a brand new driving license and insurance I was all raring to go and it was called a SNOW DAY...not fair I thought...but I was glad later that day as i saw cars sliding and skidding in the snow....I was thinking...."thank GOD!!!!!, thats not my car". Me being a rookie I could have easliy been one of those cars and I am sure that i would have hit somebody or something had I driven that day.

One more reason to be happy on a snow day is that the classes are cancelled and we doint have to turn in any homeworks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now thats a nice incentive......I will take that option of sitting at home and doing nothing to attending class and turning in Homeworks!!!!!!! But on the flipside.....the GYM is closed tooo!!!!!!!!....so all we can do is sit at home and do absolutely nothing but to chit chat and watch movies!!!!!!!! I would rather play something like RACQUETBALL instead. Talking abt RACQUETBALL...there is a league tournament coming up at KENT STATE.....its a nice tournament....it has abt 15-20 players in the league and you play every player in the period of 3 months at the end of which the winner is decided by the number of wins and also based on tie breakers. Its a nice tournament for the people who have been playing for over an year or so....as there will be a lot of players with ur skill set and also with varying styles of game so that will improve ur game more than when u play with ur regular practice partner....if anyone needs info please let me know!!!!!

Abt the snow....its been very very cold for the past month!!!!!!! its been freezing with abt temperatures between 4-30 degrees F without the windchill.....now add the wind chill !!!!!!!! that will be 10-15 degrees lesser than the normal temperature.....now i will enjoy my holiday by going home and having a nice and hot coffee and a ood lunch later.

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