July 15, 2003


After the night long battle with the bugs I woke up next morning with the break of dawn.....man!!!!!! can u believe that I saw sunrise two days in a row!!!! How many of you can boast of that ????? We had decided to go to the Lost River Cave near Bowling Green. It was supposed to be a boat ride on the underground river. By the time all of us got ready and took the tents down it was 9:30ish. the packing of the tents is a tedious job!!!! we had to make sure that we got everything even the rope on which we dried our wet towels and make sure all the trash has been removed from the campsite.

We were all very very hungry....we went to WAFFLE HOUSE...have u ever been there??? well, we thought that we would get all kinds of waffles but to our disappointment we only got the basic waffle....I was all excited when we entered the place to get a chochlate Chip waffle :(:(. I had to be satisfied with a plain waffle. It was first time for Sindhu, Rajesh and Jyothi....Rajesh and Jyothi had never had a waffle so it must have been exciting to them. We all had a big breakfast!!!! Rajesh liked the waffle but Jyothi said that she will not prefer eating a waffle again. Well...everybody has their own tastes!!!!

We then got to the Lost River Cave which was surprisingly located in the heart of the town !!!!!!!! We missed the 10:30 boat so we had to wait for the 11:30 tour. we waited at the place where we were told that the guide would meet us. We waited till about 11:45 when the guide finally appeared...she was very young surprisingly...probably her summer job. She talked abt the history of the place for abt 20 mins!!!! Then i remembered that they had said that the tour was 45 mins !!!!!!! That means we had wasted 20 mins just listening to her!!!! Then we got to see the actual lost river which was only 4-5 feet deep for most of the way and 10-15 feet at some places. The boat ride was ok and very slow I was disappointed by the tour as it was probably a 700 foot tour thats its!!!!! I had my hopes high so I guess I was disappointed.

On the way back we were stuck in a traffic jam so it took us nearly 8 hrs to get back. The worst part of the return journey was that Nisha got a ticket for speeding. The Kentucky fines were pretty high she was clocked at 84 m/hr in a 65 zone !!!!!!!!! but the cop was considerate enough to enter only 75 so that there wont be any points on her record. But the fine was $130 !!!!!!!! So that was pretty steeep. well we got home at around 1 am. I was very tired and slept almost 10 hrs!!!!!!

That was the long weekend for me. It was fun and hope to go camping again before the end of summer.

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