July 24, 2003

Phani and Hemant.........

They are my friends from Polymer Engineering......they have just defended their theses yesterday (Phani) and today (Hemant). Both of them worked on some nano-composite stuff which i have no clue about. I coudln't attend Phani's defence as I was in a meeting with the person who will be stepping in for my advisor but I heard it was great. good job Phani. I could make it to Hemant's defence this morning. He did a great job with the slides. He started off tentatively (he was understandably nervous) and the fact that a Taklu prof (apparantly Brijesh's boss) didnt let Hemant start till he got the copies of the pages from the Thesis he had asked for. Pankaj had gone to get the copies. But anyways, he started off on a nervous note, like most, and then settled down and spoke more confidently. His was a pretty long presentation....abt 45 mins....usually a Master's defence should be about 30 mins...atleast thats what I have been told and thats what I have seen. But he did a great job except for the fact that he had yellow lines in some of the graphs which didnt show up well on the white background (sorry dude, couldnt resist the itch to point out a mistake). There were only a couple of questions from the audience...Hemant looked confident in answering them but I am not sure if he answered them right as I couldnt understand a single word of his explanation. But....the best question of the day was from Kiran (which he didnt ask in the room)...."How is this whole thing that u said for the past 45 mins going to be of any use to me or my life?????".....great question!!!!!!!!

Phani got a lot of corrections in his thesis......dont think that its odd..its normal to get lot of corrections but sometimes u tend to get a lot from the committee which irrtates u as u think u are done with everything but U still have to get the corrections done. hmmm....I hope hemya doesnt have too many of those corrections.

I have a lot to write abt the two of them but I dont have the time right now.....so more abt them later...

Congrats both of u now u can be called:

PhaniRaj Nagraj, Yum Yes
Hemant Thakkar, Yum Yes

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