August 12, 2003

Our game against Cuyahoga....Their Innings

Cuyahoga started their innings with their two best batsman and they were very very aggressive from the begining....Hari had a disastrous start with two wides reaching the boundary as byes. By the end of the first over they had 16 runs and Manpreet was hit for 2 fours in his over. I gave Hari one more try but he was hit for 9 runs in his second over. Then manpreet was hit too and in no time they reached fifty. I tried Kiran but with no luck.....he was hit I experimented and brought on he bowls into the batsman cramping them and giving them room to free their arms. The change worked as he immediately bowled the most economical over of the innings till then, I brought Adi....our most economical bowler of the season. He bowls straight and gives no room. He got a break through straight away....he got Kamal their Captain an their main was a lucky dismissal as he was given out LBW of an inside edge. We got the decision and we took it. we were more than happy to get the wicket. The team which was quiet during the run flow suddenly started to shout and encourage each other. Suddenly the runs dried up and the otehr set batsman was getting restless and fell for a good piece of bowling by Avinash....he got him to play outside off stump and gave a n easy catch to the Raj at thirdman.

On the other end Adi was tightening the screws and drying up the runs. He was spot on every delivery......the new man in was very confident and stylish lefty. he was playing beautifully...he hit a majestic six off Adi. It was wonderful shot to watch. But we had to get this guy out....Adi then bowled a straight ball which he misread and got bowled!! That was the wicket we were looking for. We were all very delighted and excited. IN the mean time one of the Cuyahoga players...Imran asked me forr a runner......he was injured before the game and came into the game with an injury. I woudl have allowed a runner for any other team other than this one. They were very very rude oin the field and sledged hard and they showed unsportsman like behavior so I decided not to allow a runner. The other members of Cuyahoga got pissed at that but we played fair. I brought Hari back into the attack and Hari responded brilliantly with controlled bowling which fetched him 3 wickets in 3 was very very good spell of fast bowling. i brought raj on from the other end and he got a wicket straight away too. The wickets were falling at regular intervals but the runs were being scored at a high rate too. So the only way to win was to get them all out and we got that. In the mean time I caught a one handed catch in the long off position. i was very thrilled. Then i brought myself on...and I got 2 wickets in 2 overs. i was very very happy and we had won the match comfortably thanx to Adi and Baji for the tremendous bowling perfomance. hari tooo bowled very well but the Man of the Match was Avinash who had batted brilliantly and then bowled extremely well in the pressure circumstances. Over all it was a very very satisfctory victory, All of us had lots of things to say abt the victory so as usual we met at Adi's place after the game.....

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