January 03, 2005

Aid for the Tsunami Victims.....

If u are looking for an organization to donate money/clothing/medicine/food in aid for the vicitms of Tsunami...here is a listing of some organizations that I have been able to put together:

Prime Minister's National Relief Fund Embassy of India
Attn: Head of Chancery
2107 Massachusetts Avenue,
NW Washington, DC 20008
Website: http://pmindia.nic.in/relief.htm

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Website: http://www.unicef.org/index.html
Press Release: http://www.unicef.org/media/media_24630.html
Donate Online: http://www.unicef.org/support/index.html OR

Southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister's Relief Fund
Website: http://www.tn.gov.in/misc/cmprf2003.htm
Press Release: http://www.tn.gov.in/pressrelease/pr281204/pr281204-1.htm

The Hindu Newspaper Relief Fund
Website: http://www.hindu.com
Press Release: http://www.hindu.com/thehindu/nic/0035/index.htm
Donate Online: http://pay.hindu.com/thrfpay/thrfpay.jsp

The Times of India Newspaper Relief Fund
Website: http://www.timesrelieffund.com
Donate Online: http://www.timesrelieffund.com/donate.htm

Website: http://www.ashanet.org
Press Release: http://www.ashanet.org/index.php?page=tsunami-relief
Donate Online: https://www.ashanet.org/donate/tsunami-relief-donation.php

Sri Lankan Tamils in Ohio and surrounding regions are collection funds for the victims. Please send the checks to

International Relief Foundation
P. O. Box 20691
Columbus, OH 43220
Attn: Sugu Suguness or Ranjan Manoranjan

It's an organization registered with the IRS and contributions are tax deductible. 100% of the funds raised will be sent for relief efforts in the North and East.


The Tamil Health Organization also collecting funds -- Please see the following.

* Through our secure online Paypal system:

* By direct debit facility into IMHO account

(please contact our Treasurer, Dr. Rajam Theventhiran at theva406@aol.com or 718-987 2687; Dr. Raguraj at ragumd@hotmail.com or 410-638 6729; or myself at thambit@aol.com or 513-891 2748)
* Mail in a check to:
P. O. Box 901, Bel Air, MD 21014-0901, USA.
(please make check payable to IMHO)

In addition to that Tamil Health Organization is requesting the following.

1. Collecting medical supplies in your local hospital like IVF, IV sets, antibiotics, antidiarrheals, vaccinations (Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Tetanus toxoid/vaccine), etc. Every one in USA and rest of the world knows about the disaster, therefore it may be easier to get help from non-SL sources. We're sending a cargo container to SL.

2. Providing medical services to the affected people. If you can fly to Katunayake airport, then we can arrange for your transportation to affected areas and lodging. We've 18 doctors traveling to NE on Jan 15 and Jan 22, 2005. We need doctors/volunteers to travel in February 2005.

- Please contact Thavam at thambit@aol.com or 513-891-2748

You can also help by contributing to the following organization

Tamils Rehabilitation Organization
517 Old Town Road, Cumberland, Maryland 21502

Ilankai Tamil Sangam, USA
PO Box 46, Maryknoll, NY 10545

All the organizations are Registered Charitable Organizations in the USA - 501 (c) (3) under the United States Internal Revenue Service code.

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