November 01, 2003

Cricket time again......

Yesterday we played cricket after a long time....we played tennis ball cricket. We played Seniors Vs Juniors.....all the juniors who could make it were on one side and we (seniors) were mostly from the Akron Cricket didnt take us long to realise that tennis ball cricket was completely different from the season ball cricket......we got used to playing with all the gear that we were too early for the shots and were swinging before the ball even reached us. But we were also trying to have as much fun as possible while playing some serious cricket.

Our team: Rajesh, Honey Venkatesh, Avinash, sunny, vikas, Adi, hemant, Dhanraj and myself. The juniors were also equal in number.......we played 3 6 over game, one 4 over game and a last 2 over game.....we won the series 2-1....the games were hotly contested and people got real serious at times but over all we had a great time.....the problem with tennis ball cricket is that we have many people and have less overs to bat and bowl. so people should understand that they cant do both.....if u bat then wait for ur turn to bowl.....if u bowl then go last to bat......these should be the general rules of play.....but these are my views as winning is not of as much importance as is having fun. we wil try to play as much as possible to play until the weather interferes.....its getting cold and we are lucky to get the couple of days of warm weather.

I didnt sleep at all last I was up till late to watch a telugu movie with Sindhu and her was 2:45 Am by the time we were done with the movie and I was going to sapna's place to watch the India-Australia we stayed up and talked till 3:50 and then i dropped sindhu home and went to sapna's place. The match started on a positive note for us.....Zaheer got Hayden with the first ball of the match.....but from then on nothing went right for India.....Aus went on to score 286/8 and then we the mean time...Sapna made some tea for us....Hemant, Adi and Chappar (Honey).....India started off on a disastrous note....Veeru got out the first ball of the Innnings :(:(....from then on Laxman followed....tendliya played well but he got out for 67 (or 69) thats it....Dravid got out tooo for 59 well made runs and then on we just collapsed like 9 pins. We were all out for 209.....ggrrrrrrr....we lost to a second string Australian bowling attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant believe that.........our first string attack gets beatn by them all the time....cant we even beat their second string consistently????????

I had met with my advisor after a long time.....I finished making a poster of my master's research and had given it to my advisor for corrections...he liked the poster a lot but needed some to check the details of the poster. He is back into the lab ...... that feels goood......we were worried that he would not be able to make it back for 5-6 months.....but his recovery has been very astonishing and he was back in no time. though he is not completely back into his research mode......but he comes to the lab 2-3 times a week to the lab. thats more than enough to keep the current research going.

The winter is setting in very fast......its been very cold for the past couple of weeks...but the last couple of days were nice and warm to wear shorts.....probably for the last time for the next 5 months.....

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