May 22, 2003

I didnt get a lot of time yesterday to write abt my match, here is how it went......

HE won the toss as asked me to serve. It went pretty good till 2-2 then he just took off!!!! i dont know what hit me I wasnt able to kill the ball and he was killing that he got. I lost the first game 15-3, I was tired and almost lost the match mentally. The fact that I had never won a match after losing the first game didnt help. But anyways I thought there is nothing to lost and told my self to play one point at a time.

I started sevring the high lob serve that irritates a lot of my friends (especially bharadwaj:):)). that worked!!!!!! i am genius!!!!! I got one point at a time and I was leading 14-7 when he took a time out. That almost proved devastating. He came back to 14-12 and I thought I am done. BUt the refree had other plans I guess, he gave me a favourable call and I won the game 15-12!!!!!!! The tie breaker was pretty close but I almost led all thru the game and finally won the game 11-6. Thats it!!! I did what I never did before. where else better to do it than at the nationals!!!!

well, i have my next match tonight at 6:30 pm and I play a good player so I hope that I play well again.

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