May 22, 2003

I Lost:(:( !!!!!!!!!!!

Well, my hard earned victory yesterday has been overshadowed by my defeat today. I lost my second round match today 15-6,15-13. I dont know whats wrong with me I usually play a very good first game and lose the second but here in Houston its been the other way around!!!!

I have been very very sluggish in both my matches during my first games, i lost yesterday the first game 15-3 and today 15-6. that tells a lot abt my mobility on court and abt my shot making.

today i played like a piece of crap in the first game, i dont know what has been happening but i have not been able to hit my backhand well here, the same thing happened even last year but thank god this year at least my forehand is working.

well, i came back pretty well in the second game and it went neck to neck alll the way. at 13-14 when i served he barely made it to the ball and the return was weak I thought i can kill the ball very very easily, i hit the ball as hard as i could and it almost went past him, i almost leaped with joy but out of nowhere he hit a behind the back shot which came staright into me and hit me!!!!!!! i lost the serve and with that my match. I have only myself to blame for not being able to play well in the tournament.I always have this tournament syndrome. god knows when i will get over it!!!!!

more abt my tournament tommorow when i wil lplay my age group

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