May 21, 2003

IN Houston!!!!!!

Well, I reached houston after a long delay and guess what???? my friend who was supposed to pick me up was in the work airport!!!!!!!!!!!!

To add to my frustration my baggage was torn and the airline said that they were not responsible

I got to meet my friend Nitin atlast. After 3 unsucessful attempts in 3 yrs we met atlast. He showed me around his University and we ate at a mexican restauant. Man!!!! the food was delicious.

well, let me get to the main point of my visit. I played this morning in my Men's C division and won the game 3-15, 15-12,11-6.

the hotel guys here is giving me a look as if to say that my browsing time is up. I will describe abt the match tommorow.

Thats it, got to go and sleep i am dead tired after my marathon match

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