May 30, 2003

I have been job hunting for the past 2-3 months and so far have had only 2 interviews!!!!!! Thats a cause of concern for me. The fact that I have graduated isn't helping either as I cannot work on or off campus (officiallly) :):)... that means no pay income.

but my advisor has come in like a savior and told me that he can help in some way for the summer. That was relieving!!!!!!! Even 400 a month will be better than nothing.

The cricket season is almost underway for this year. There are lot more teams than the previous years. I thought that I will not be the captain this year as I was hoping to find a job and go elsewhere, but I guess things have worked differently for me and I the captain still:):).This year initially I thought will not have a good team. But my view has been proved wrong by the team members. This year we have a lot of good players and we are playing well as a team. My initial views abt the team were due to the lack of enthusiasm and participation at the practice sessions and I regretted being the captain as I had to act like the boss and i dont like doing that as we are all peers.

But now, I am enjoying being the captain of the team as the team members have been showing more enthu and dedication during practice. Now I dont have to tell anyone what to do as all of them know what has to be done and have begun to understand the game better. We still have a long way to go but at least we have a good start..

Of the four practice matches we won 2 and lost one and almost won the other one, that is becoz the other left the field when we needed only 14 runs from 7 overs with 4 wickets in hand. That match was abandoned due to the bad sportsmanship of few of the players from the other team. During two of the practice matches our batting clicked very well, we scored 72/3 in 11 overs and 164/6 in 23 overs. In the last two matches the batting failed but in one of them the bowling held its end and we won the match. we bowled out the opposition for 71 in the first match and we defended a megre total of 83 by bowling out the other side for 74. Even in the last match we played the bowling almost did the trick for us we almost defended the 89 run total but the other team chased it in 27 overs for the loss of 7 wickets. That much for cricket.

I have been watching a lot of movies lately, english, hindi and short i can say on an average i watch 1-2 movies a day!!!!!!! and over the weekends it is 2-3 movies.

I think I dont have anything else to write so if I continue it will only be boring (hoping that it has not been boring so far:):))

last night was my cooking turn and I made palak ka dal and cabbage coconut for dinner. But sindhu wanted to eat a pizza so we went out and got a jalapeno and onion topping pizza from Papa Johns:):)

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