June 02, 2003

The season opener got rained out and we hope to make it up later during the bye week. All us were soo excited abt the first match but I guess Mother Nature had other plans!!!!

Yesterday was not the most exciting of days as I got up early in the morning at 9:15am (considering that it was a Sunday it was very very early in the morning for me). I was all set to get ready for the game when the Captain of CCC2 called with the bad news... there were pools (not puddles) of water on the ground so it was practically impossible to play. I tried reasoning that it was a nice day and sunny but he said that there was too much water....alas.... we had to cancel the game with the hope that we can make it up later in the season.

So I contemplated going to bed after informing my teammates abt the cancellation, but I was wide awake and my roomie offered to make coffee...yeaaaaaa!!!.... that was too good an offer to keep me awake after the first sip I felt like I was in paradise...back home in India when my mom used to make filter coffee for me early in the morning...man I miss those days..

The only good news for me was that Sindhu had got back from her Detroit trip, any guesses who the happiest person was to know that the game had been cancelled????? think..... well, u got it!!!!!!!!! SINDHU. She came over and we (me, her and Bhaddu) were pondering as to what to eat for lunch.... we thunk and thunk and then we thought that pizza was the best option. Then started the frustrating hunt for the coupons....man!!!! usually when you dont want them you find them everywhere but when you need them U can never find one..... we couldnt find any...but the Papa John's attendant was a angel in disguise as he gave us a student discount!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor fellow he didnt know that both Bhaddu and I have graduated, hahahahah..chod, bahut boring ho gaya, mereliye bhi.

Just made some awesome hot chocholate!!!! Hmmm..... we played soccer yesterday and I have decided not to play anymore soccer (atleast regularly) as its very very injury prone. I have a swelling on my shin and i guess Hemya tooo. Our opener and stand in keeper Phani got injured and I hope that its not too bad. we have already lost our regular keeper for the first two matches due to injury. I guess I will start swimming or playing tennis when I dont play cricket.

I think I have written much more than I wanted to soo.. tilll the next post......

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