October 21, 2003

Diwali practice.......

For the past week or so I have been very very busy with practices of the dance and play that I am participating at the Akron Diwali function. The prcatices have been very very hectic as we had auditions on Sunday......thanks to Rajesh and Madhu (the main couple of our play) who were also on the auditioning committee....both our performances got selected. Actually, rajesh and I are in 3 programs.....Dance (hollywood bollywood), Play (Teri Biwi Sirf Meri), Twist The Tune (VESIT style).

In Twist the Tune I sang "Jhumma Chumma" in the tune of "Aankhon ki ......gustakiyan" and Rajesh sang "Didi Tera Deevar Deewana" in the tune of "Kahi dhoor jab din dhal jaaye"....... this is basically a common thing to do back home at the college fests....but here in akron most of the people have not been exposed to it. I had performed this a couple of years ago....the peope liked it too.

We have been practicing hard for the dance and the play. Manisa, Ankita, Prachi and Megha are the girls in the dance and Parvath, Prasanna, rajesh and I are the guys. My partner is Ankita. We have been trying to choreograph our dance with a lot of enthu....but we end up with limited success. we have 5 days to go for Diwali and we have only half the song choreographed. But we have solved our main problem....getting the 4th guy...thanx to prasanna.

The same is the story with the play....our cast includes.....Rajesh, Madhu, Hari, mritunjay, Vikas, Adi, hemant and Myself. We have been trying to make the script as funny as possible....its basically a bollywood spoof. It has all the typical bollywood stuff in it...action, drama, emotion, romance.......

we lost in wallyball last week.....we will be seeded 2nd in the playoff's not that it would matter a lot. we will be having a tougher draw. we lost to a team of just two guys.....it was the worst game that we had played so far....we won the first game....15-6, and then started out troubles.....they started playing smart and stopped serving to my end....they started serving such that it would land between Rajesh and Luay....they are usually good in communicating but that day both were trying their best and tried getting to the ball together a lot of times....we got under pressure and made some crucial mistakes.....we were just giving the ball away... and we paid the price for that. Shadi was having an Off-day too.

I got the ball rolling for the cricket club at last....we have been trying to do that for the past 2 yrs.....and we started the process now. its better now than never ..right??? Hopefully we get accepted as a new student organization...this way we will get some funding for the season and probably a new kit ..hehehehh

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