October 09, 2003

Done with Mid Terms !!!!!!!!!

I have just finished with my mid-terms......I had a test last week and another one today....I didnt do too well on the Advanced Engineering math exam but I guess I did decently in the Finite Element Analysis exam today.....but could have done better (common words after an exam :):) )......The FEA exam was a total bouncer as we were all expecting huge matrices with difficult governing Differential Equations but the whole exam had very few numerical questions.......it was alll theory or theory based to our surprise....I know that i screwed up in a couple of questions but I am hoping for the best. Getting back to classes has not been easy as I have not taken any exam or a class for over an year.....I am taking time to get back into the study mode....for the past one and half years I had beeen in programming and research mode. In the classes that i have enrolled for....I get more homework than I used to in my previous classes...thats getting hectic too....in the math class we have submitted 5 homeworks in 6 weeks and have also written an exam!!!!!!!!!! Well....PhD is not just research and project.....thats what I found out....it even has a lot of coursework which i didnt anticipate......I was hoping that I would done with 36 course credits but now I found out that I have to take 48 course credits that is .....6 courses after this semester !!!!!!!!!!!

I watched Koi Mil Gaya ....i got the cassette from Rajesh. It was a good movie...Hrithik wasnt overacting for a change for most part of the movie....he did a good job of acting as a retard. Zinta was gorgeous as usual.....the special effects....spaceship and the alien look for real....unlike most of the bollywood films.....it was good to see some good shots of the spaceship....they reminded me of Independence Day....welll, I guess thats why they hired the same guy...to replicate the spaceship outlook. It was cool anyway.

Over the weekend we played a six-a-side tournament in Colombus which was a partial success for the team as we came in second...we finsihed second even the previous year.....it was very very frustrating for finish second again but something is better than nothing right ????? we got a trophy and 6 panama hats....those round ones which the cricketers wear (Jadeja, gavaskar etc...). It was a fun weekend....but it was very very cold, our hands were hurting when we caught the ball......usually I dont drop straight forward catches on the boundary but on that chilly day I dropped 3 !!!!!!!!!!!! that was very very unusual but I am not very concerned abt that as i know the reason for dropping the catches (the cold made my hands numb!!!!!!!!). Hari, Baji, Gabroo and Sunny were brilliant in the bowling department.....i had a bad day as I got hammmered for nearly 55 runs of the 3 overs that I bowled in the 3 matches......Bharat from CCC (winnners of the tournament).....Player of the tournament....hit me for 5 sixes in the 12 balls that I bowled to him.....that was impressive batting performance by him....Kiran destroyed the ECC attack in the semifinals when we chased 60 runs in 3 overs !!!!!!!!! (they were all 6 over matches). It was brilliant hitting. One good thing abt the weekend was that we had a close game with Absar CC (last year's winners)....which we managed to win on the last ball !!!!!!! it was a pretty close game and it was a sweet revenge......they were eliminated from the tournament with that loss !!!!!!!!!!

Dont have any great plans for the weekend other than playing badminton on friday.....i am looking forward to that !!!!!!!!!

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