September 10, 2003

Job situation seems to be improving :):)

Yes....I think the job scenario is improving slowly but steadily. For the past year of so there havent been a lot of jobs available and I hadnt heard abt a lot of people getting jobs but in the past couple of months there has been a good change in that scenario (atleast among my friends!!!!!!).

Phani (Polymer engineering) got a job in Connecticut, Hemant (also in Poly Engg) got a job in Akron, Ekta (Biomedical Engg) got a job in Philips Medical Systems in Cleveland, Rajiv (Stats) got a Job at Nationwide Insurance in Columbus, Aanchal (stats) got a job in New Jersey, Saswati (also in stats) got a job at Mercer in Cleveland. Thats a lot of jobs in the past couple of months. I guess the people who are looking for jobs now should consider this as a good omen and continue their job search with new vigour.

My advisor is getting better by the day so I feel happy and most of my thoughts had been revolving around his recovery as my future depended on it. But now I think I have made a couple of decisions with the help of friends and family which will help me decide my path from here on.

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