September 29, 2003

Wireless at last...........

Anil (my roomie) and I have been thinking of getting a wireless router and a wireless card for my laptop for quite sometime........but that was all planning and no implementation. this weekend (thanx to the postponment of the cricket tournament) we decided to finish our mission.

So our mission for the weekend was "Going wireless". We set out to accomplish our mission by getting the necessary hardware. We bought the wireless card and router from BEST BUY, an electronic goods store. we were glad that we got some rebates on the stuff we now that we had the raw material for the project we had to set up the network....once we got home both of us got to work.....he started setting up the router and I setup the wireless card for my expected my job was easier than his as my laptop detected the wireless card immediately but we had difficulty setting up the router and configuring it. But we managed to get the whole thing working by evening.....then we realised that we were HUNGRY !!!!!! ......we had not eaten any thing since breakfast so we ordered pizza. We had a satisfactory meal as we had the network up and running....yeah!!!!!!! But all this came at a cost.......I could not see my favorite College Football and win against Northwestern.

Later that night we were going to attend the "garba" organised by ISA and ICAGA (indian students and community associations of Akron)......Bhaddhu had come home and Anil said that we wasnt Bhaddu, Sindhu, Prathyusha, renu and I decided to go to the Garba at 7:15pm. Most of my friends were attending the Garba organised in Cleveland...but we decided that we will attend the one in Akron.....if we dont attend that then who will......also I know how much effort goes into organising an event of that sort. but at 7:10 i get a call from Rajesh (secretary for ISA) that there were hardly anyone at the Garba in Akron........he wanted to know if we would be interested in going to the cleveland one with Hari, Sunny, Sirish, Dhanraj and Avinash !!!!!!!! So we had a change in plans and attended the Garba in Cleveland.......the entry fee for Garba was $5 (per person) and $2 for a set of Dandiya's. man!!!!!!! that was expensive. But its fun attending the event as it was paisa vasool !!!!!!! All of us had fun. I find Garba very very confusing.....I mean the normal steps are fine.....but the ones which need u to turn confuse me a lot. How many ever times I learn that dance I always forget the steps.....but thats ok....I usually get a hang of it in 10-15 minutes...

there were a lot of people at the Garba.....mostly Gujju's...we had fun....all the guys from Akron formed a small circle for ourselves and we had our on version of Garba.....Some of us had the courage to join the main circle....but it was very very hard to follow the they were changing them every 5-10 mins....i mean, we are not by the time we got hang of the steps they used to switch to another one. but it was fun....then after a break we had was fun too (expect that I got hit on my knuckles with the stickes) still hurts.After the dance they had arranged for "Aarthi"..for Ambe maa

After all the ceremonies...Nisha, Amol and the rest of us went to Eat-n-park for dinner. we were very very hungry and our order was delayed due to the large crowd atthe restaurant. Sindhu and I then dropped Prathyu and Renu home and joined Bhaddu, Amol and Nisha for a game of Monopoly at Bhaddhu's place....It was a fun game...Nisha had the most unfortunate game I had ever seen.......Initially she went into Jail and repeatedly went back into it...the effect was such that she coudlnt manage to get a single ticket on the board...eventually she gave up...but there was some consolation for her as Amol won the game !!!!!!!!

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