September 17, 2003

Roomie's Birthday

Its my new room-mate Anil's B'day today....we had the usual midnight b'day celebration by having all our friends over to our house. We had fun.....especially becoz Anil wasnt suspecting anything of that sort.....he had gone to bed and I had not come home till 11:40pm...he thought something would happen but when he didnt even see me at home he went to sleep 11:40 Adi, Sindhu and I sneaked into my apartment with the cake and the party 11:55 all my friends had come over without making any noise....then we woke him up with 2 mins to mid-night.....he was surprised and was forced to get up in the middle of his peaceful slumber.....then we had the usual cake lit with candles and the happy b'day song....but the absence of Mr. Ravi Ayyer was felt...mainly becoz he is the expert in singing the "Happy B'day song"....but Bhushan made up for that by singing the normal song and adding "Many Girl friends to you......".

My Apartment is a small the doesnt have a living has 2 bed-rooms, 2 bath-rooms and a even if we have 2 friends come over the palce looks crowded.....and yesterday we had 15-20 people in the same house....just imagine how it must have been!!!!!!!!! It was like a market place back home in India where you have to invariably rub shoulders with the person next to you when you move !!!!!!!!!

Before all this happened there was a mystery......when is anil's b'day.....I mean 17th or 18th ??? moving into the house only a month ago didnt know when his B'day was......I asked mikki....Anil's old roomie....he said "shayad....17th ya 18th but pakka yaad nahi hai " I called Adi...." shayad 17th ko hai"...but not how do we know when his b'day exactly is ???? I thought I will ask Badri....anil's roomie 2 yrs ago...but he lives in arizona .... a different time zone and he was at work...I only had his home number....what to do???....then the Genius in me and Adi agreed to the same thought.....he solved the mystery!!!!!!!! guess how ???..... we asked Anil himself when his b'day was !!!!!!!!!! can u belive we did that !!!!!!!! but anyways we had fun at his b'day thanks to adi...who invited all the friends home as I had gone to the cleveland temple in the evening....

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