June 26, 2003

Chalte Chalte....

Does the name ring a bell???? Well, I guess it rings big bells...Dong!!!!!! Dong!!!!!! in the minds of all the cricket players from Akron atleast. Yes, u have guessed it right....its the new SRK, Rani starrer.

After our epic victory against CSU Vikings some of us took to adventure....we decided to go to the new movie. We thought that we deserved the movie as we played our hearts out and now we need to relax and enjoy the Bollywood Magic. So Gadi Chala Chala ke we went to see...CHALTE CHALTE....we did not know that we will be in for a rude shock and get to see the WOOOOORRSSSSTTT movie of all time. I had read an interview with SRK in which he mentioned that in some cities the audience came out teary eyed......I thought it was a sentimental movie...but when I walked out of the movie I knew what he meant.....I just spent $7.50 = Rs. 375 and 3 hrs of precious time on a torture of a movie.....at the end of the movie we thought..."arree, hum tho match jeeta na ...tho hum kyoun itna torture hue??? it was supposed to be watched by VCC".

I had listened to the songs from the movie on the and my sweet little sister had also sent a cassette from India of that movie...to be honest ...the songs arent that bad and in no way are an indication to what was in store for us on the silver screen.

I had expected to see a decent movie if not a great one.... we missed the first few minutes of the movie as we were hungry and went to the nearby SUBWAY....to grab a sandwich.....now, i wish I should have taken some more time in the loo there.

when I walked in I saw lot of people in the theater and thought..."wow!! thats a lot of people, may be the movie is really good". Then i saw the screen .....Rani was looking different...she had this weird make-up ...with lots of glitter or whatever u call on her eyelids. She wasnt looking her usual self. SRK was his usual ...."eeeeh eee eh KKKKiiiiirrraan"... style. He tries to be too smart in the movie......if u observe in most of his movies he is a super confident....LADKI CHOR he always wants other's girls. The girl is initially either in love with somebody else ...or in the process of being engaged to other (salman, jas..) ......or worse already engaged and abt to be wedded. Man!!!!!!!! he sure has some choice of movies!!!!!!!

This movie was no different...he falls in love with Rani in their first meeting.....well thats understandable....she is good looking and all stuff. Then there is this unwanted Traffic Police scene which was stupid. THen he loses Rani's number...he has to find her...he only knows her name??????? and he goes abt singing....GUMMMMSHUAA...weird. He causes a traffic jam and ultimately finds her....he should have been imprisoned for public nuisance.

He then learns that she is abt tp get engaged.....oh great!!!!!....one more SRK classic story lines....SRK should for once start choosing better roles and be more adventuress....to be frank he looks to old in the movie ...huh....he is old !!!!!!!! He should stop such mushy..mushy teeny bopper roles. Rani will be leaving for greece that night and guess what!!!!!!! he spends his life time savings to go to greece just to tell her "I didnt want to be one of the people who say KAAASH mei ussse yeh keh patha". He travels in bussiness class!!!!!!.... I am doing my Master's but stilll i travel by economy and i guess so do you. But our man!!!!! has a couple of trucks and he travels by business class!!!!!!!! Then the flight gets delayed by 8hrs!!!!!!!!!! they have nice time in some strange place.....then she suddenly realises that she likes him......... Man......aisa koun si ladki hai jo apne mangni ke 5-6 gante pehle kisi aur sey pyaar karegi???????? well...I guess thats SRK's charm!!!!!

He drives her home and she is asleep...so he just watches her...she gets up and asks "Jagaya kyoun nahi???" he replied "Agar jaga tha tho tum jag jaathi naaa" ..... NAHHHHHIIIIIIII........ofcourse Jage gi na???? aisa kounsa ladki (infact anybody) hogi jo jaga ne sey jagthi nahi hai?????? That was the best dialogue of the movie. SUNOH na SUNOH na SUNLO naaaaaaa.

She falls for him and its ok with her dad and they get married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then on it was a pick off from "SAATHiya" ....remind u...a very very bad pick offf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from then every scene is a fight between SRK and Rani ....they fight for everything ....then eventually they get separated and he tries to bring her back in a classic bollywood style.....Drunkard scene...
then Rani makes the best decision of her life...to leave SRK and India to settle in Greece. But our man is persistent ( as u all know) and goes to the airport.....there he cries....yes....I dont think there is an SRK movie without his crying. but she leaves. I was like ...."atleast there is some sense in the director that he gave a diff ending"....ooopps I said it too soon.....she comes back from the airport before SRK reaches his apartment!!!!!!!!! yeah.....then she reminds him of his taveez and they get senti and hug.....sniff..sniff. end of a crappy movie.....the best part was the nacho and cheese that we ate and the comments passed.
my ending would have been.....Rani comes back from the airport to SRK.....shows him the Taveez....he is all excited and happy....and she says..."yeh wapas karne aayi thi, BYE!!!!!!!"

I think I have wasted one more hour due to the movie.......writing this blog!!!!!!!!!

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