June 03, 2003

Its tuesday morning and boring as usual and to top it off its raining. Only yesterday we were thinking of having an extended practice session for cricket and as if the Rain God had some spies amongst us it started raining:(:(

I have been watching French Open lately and got inspired by the awesome players.I played Tennis with Adi yesterday. I havent played a lot of tennis in the past 7-8 years so my game has become really patchy and the tennis elbow doesnt help. But anyway I decided that my name will not lose....funny sentence...confused?? well, Sunil and Suneel were playing so how can my name lose?? hahahahha...PJ..PJ. I played really bad tennis but I still ended up winning 6-4,6-2,6-2 relying on my main weapon......ADI...yes all I had to do was to give the ball to him and I guess he was having an off-day so he was hitting 7/10 shots wide of the court and ofcourse the 3-4 double faults a game also helped. So much for the inspiration from Agassi and the likes:):)Now..now.. I am not even that bad but yesterday was my first day so probably I will win on my merit pretty soon.

I watched "Finding Nemo" an Animation film by Pixar..it was a great movie. It was funny, had a nice storyline and most of all spectacular animation and special effects. Its hard to belive how advanced the computer graphics have become. Being a person with little image processing background I can see the amount of hard work and skill needed to put such a film together. I could have written abt the movie but that would have killed all the excitement from you so go and watch it for yourself.... (in short, I paid for it why should I tell you the story for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!)....if u are watching at AMC on Howe Ave dont forget ur student ID its only $5.50 with ID.

I guess thats it for now....man... I thought its easy to write these blogs but it takes a lot of thinking and time:):) But, now that I have graduated I can afford both hahahahhahahah.....................................

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